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About clothing in sports and entering government departments

By   /  June 15, 2015  /  8 Comments

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It didn’t take a genius to realize just how stupid some people can be, especially those who criticized Farah Ann Abdul Hadi for what she ‘wore’ (or did not wear) in the SEA Games. And who can forget the lady who was given a SARONG at the JPJ.

To date, Farah Ann has won 2 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals at the 28th SEA Games. While the Malaysian sports authorities are trying their level best to improve the standard of our sports athletes, some people are out there criticizing those who achieved success.

Let’s see. Muhammad Nur Salam is one of them. He seemed to be living in his own world. Perhaps he had a bad childhood and always wanted to be a gymnast but could not because he is a male. So, instead of applauding Farah’s success, he decided to become hostil.

Nik Hilmi Nik Kamil is the man who thinks everyone wants to be his wife. He must have a really bad face because he is so INSECURE!

And then there is Addieputra Jentayu who does not understand the spirit of compettion.

Shinagawa Ann was at least the courteous one who congratulated Farah after a string of criticisms. Another one is Sarina Rahman who advised Farah to wear leggings. Yet another case of unhappy childhood perhaps?

The Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria tops it all saying that these sports are not suitable for Muslim women.

It is hard to comprehend that in the modern world, there are still people like this who speak as if they are the parents or they think that they have the God-given right to judge others.

Salam, Nik Hilmi, Addieputra, Sinagawa and Sarina – IF you have something to say, come out and SAY IT! Stop hiding in your FB alter egos and blame others for what you can never achieve in your entire lifetimes. Losers!




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