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About Malaysia Today

Portal Malaysia Today is a relevant portal. In today’s world, merely reading news is considered a passe. We as the public would want to have our say, and at times, we have our insights not provided by what is being written.
Therefore, at Malaysia Today, we will provide the avenue for people to put in their opinions and comments to what is going on in our daily lives. There will be up to date news from within and outside the country for reading purposes. But unlike a typical news feed, you are free to give your comments and opinions here.

Alternatively, for the more topic-oriented issues, head out to the other sections of the Chatroom. Malaysia Today chatroom are people friendly and dwells only on the relevant issues which should be talked about.
The chatroom is divided into various sections like Hot Issues where one can discuss about the most talked about issues currently. Then there is the Complains section where you can voice your dissatisfactions towards products and services whether in the public or the private sector. Insiders provide the channel where people can talk about what really goes on in their working environments.

While we allow our readers to discuss and give their opinions about the current affairs of the country, we are effortlessly working around the clock to enable better services for Malaysia Today users.

You can be sure that in the next coming weeks, there will be new additions to Malaysiatoday.com. There will be the resources and references sections where you can read more about other disciplines. References include Malaysia History, Malaysia Politics and more. More sections will be launched in coming days like Gallery, Video, Classifieds, Public Blogs and more. While doing so, we welcome any feedback from our readers on how to make our site better and continuously relevant.

Ultimately, we want your visit to our site to be fruitful and aim to provide you with the best information possible. Because Portal Malaysia Today is what we are all about, things happening today, therefore relevance is our belief. Please register as member for free in Malaysia Today.com in order to post and comment.

Malaysia Today Editorial Team