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I’m a Chinese and I am not afraid sacrificing for the country

By   /  May 6, 2013  /  68 Comments

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This general election has created so many new words in Malaysian politics. ‘bangra’ is one of them while manifesto has been used a million times.

But the biggest one is ‘Chinese Tsunami’. The prime minister Datuk Seri Naji Tun Razak has blamed us Chinese for causing a reduced majority for BN. But is that fair?

As a Chinese voter, if we did not vote for BN, don’t you think that we might be scared that we might lose our voice in the government which means that we might lose our business contracts?


Imagine that if we voted MCA, we can continue to live our posh lifestyles and enjoy our comfortable dinners, vacations and business contracts.
But that is not the case. The Chinese community did not vote out BN. We voted out MCA and Gerakan because we wanted change.

Was Najib to blame where we dared to risk our status in the government. We knew that there might be less business projects in the government and the Chinese voice will be weaker because MCA will be eliminated. But then again, MCA never said much in government.

MCA has been ‘warning’ us about PAS all along the campaigning period but we still voted for the party. What does it mean? It means that as Chinese, we are not afraid to live with other communities, in fact, we can LIVE HARMONIOUSLY with the Muslims because we are Malaysians and we love our country.

MCA should have stopped spreading fear among the Chinese.

We want corruption to go away. We love Malaysia because we are Malaysians. Despite all the ‘warning’ signs that MCA was telling us in The Star, Astro, TV3, RTM, we still want change.

We are sick and tired of the high toll fees, high petrol, high living cost and high housing and property.

For many decades, we have depended on ourselves in education. We work hard for our children to go to Chinese schools although they were not recognized.

What is the point of ‘recognizing’ Chinese education because of the elections? What is the point of warning us about hudud? What is the point of building new Chinese schools because of the elections? MCA did not learn their lesson in 2008, now the penalty is higher.

We will continue to push for change in Malaysia not only for the Chinese but for everyone. We are all Malaysians and it was MCA who promoted divisiveness.
We voted the opposition not because we are not afraid of Hudud but because we want a change in our BN-controlled lives.

We will continue to push for change and hope the country won’t bankrupt under the next 5-years of BN rule and that is not because I am Chinese, but because I am a Malaysian.



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