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Is this the end of Anwar’s aim to become PM?

By   /  February 13, 2015  /  4 Comments

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Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will star this 5-year jail term and by the time he gets out of jail, he would have missed 2 general elections

By the time Anwar is eligible to run for elections again, he will be at the tail-end of his 70s. By then, it would be too late not only for him but for all Malaysians to have a change in the way things are today.

Mamak shops, coffee stalls and office pantries are all talking about whether a new leader would emerge and the name on everyone’s lips now is probably Azmin Ali.

So, this basically means Anwar will never become the prime minister in what has often been seen as his political aim.

But is Anwar becoming prime minister a personal obsession or one that can actually make a change?

That is one question that can never be answered.

Never before has anyone been able to achieve so much in the history of Malaysia, more so when he is from the opposition.

Anwar could convince 3 opposition parties who cannot agree on most issues to sit together and discuss policies that can unite the people. Even the so-called ruling BN could not do that.

It is the rules of the political game. Anwar is well aware of it. He will serve his time knowing fair well that this is what he signed up for when he took on this post.

It is not surprising really that there were those who would stoop this low to stop Anwar. In stopping him, Malaysians have been denied a lot more. But that would be, the least  of their concerns.




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