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Low Yat Brawl – A small issue blown out of proportion and Minister now joins in

By   /  July 13, 2015  /  50 Comments

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13th August – Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, the Rural and Regional Development Minister has joined the fray of the Low Yat fiasco when he proposed that a ‘Low Yat 2’ be set up at the MARA building specifically for Malay traders. He said that he was not being ‘racist’ and was merely helping the Bumiputeras. He even used the analogy that a Chinese minister asking for additional teachers for Chinese schools.

At a time when there are so much uncertainty and unhappiness, someone like Ismail should know better as to whether he should be making populist statements like these and then claiming to be ‘standing up for the race’.

16th July – By now, the untoward incident at Low Yat Plaza has reached fever pitch and then has since subsided hopefully. While there have been all types of speculations going about, from racism to politics, protests to just about anything under the sun, it started from a small issue.

A mobile phone.

That was all it took for this whole fracas to happen.

It shows that there ARE tension among the people and this is sitting on a hair-line thread. A small issue can now just blown out of proportion and create so many problems, including violence.

After 58 years of independence, has Malaysians become so fragile?

It all started when a Malay customer allegedly walked off with the mobile phone when the Chinese shop assistant turned his back for a while. The incident was recorded on the CCTV. The suspect was then held by a group of men and then handed to the security.

That did not go well with his friends who then went to ‘get even’ at the shop, thereby resulting in a loss of RM70,000. A day later, about 200 people went to Low Yat again for more ‘revenge’ which led to brawls and fights. In the end, 5 people were injured.

This was probably the work of some irresponsible quarters making false claims and allegations.

Whatever happened to the MODERATION campaign?



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