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Malaysia, a country with a non-existence police force

By   /  March 16, 2014  /  16 Comments

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Malaysia has a very strange legal system. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between police and gangsters because they can often be put together under the same group.

In many ways, it can be seen that Malaysia has a police force which does not exist. Open burning is against the law and yet, the worsening haze continues to deteriorate and no arrests have been made.

Crime rate is going up and we still have ministers and leaders saying proudly that the crime-prevention programmes are ‘working’ and claim that crime rate is actually dropping.

Snatch thief problems are at an all-time high. We live at times where we constantly look over our shoulders when we are walking afraid of a motorcycle (or car) coming from behind to snatch our bags and even mobile phones.

When the snatch thieves are caught, no one knows what happens to them. If murderers can walk away scot-free after being arrested (after negotiations) only God knows what happens to the ‘petty’ snatch thieves.

They probably have their photos taken and then leave the police station.

No one is insinuating that the police is not doing their job but the public perception is that the police are around to show that they are around and that is all.

The truth is, whenever people see the police, they do not feel SAFE. Instead, they feel SCARED!

Is that how the society supposed to live?



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