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Bribery and Money Laundering in Melbourne property scandal involving MARA executives

By   /  June 24, 2015  /  12 Comments

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 The name of the property is Dudley House which supposedly was to be a high-class real estate project but recent investigations have revealed that there were some illegal money flows, court files and corporate records which have been suspicious which has now spanned across 3 continents.

And among them, you would have guessed it involves Malaysia. Reports claimed that the sale of the Dudley House property was part of a money laundering and bribery scheme which involves some $4.5million bribes crossing between Malaysia and Australia.

Among the names that surfaced includes a Singaporean wedding-cake maker while from Malaysia, it seems that 2 businessmen were involved with the names of Datuk Yusof Gani and Datuk Ahmad Azizi mentioned.

The revelations were reported in the Australian daily The Age and carried by Malaysian dailies too. According to what was reported, the 2 are ‘elite’ Malay businessmen were linked to MARA (Majlis Amanah Rakyat). Dudley House, which was built for A$17.8 million was inflated and sold for A$22.5 million and in between all that, some $4.5million was pocketed.

In fact, the two were named to hold ‘Datukships ‘ had allegedly engineered a deal with some partners in Australia to build the project. The deal then involved false invoices to pocket the $4.75million so-called kickbacks.

Besides the two, Ahmad’s two sons were allegedly involved as well but it made the headlines because this issue was linked to MARA via Datuk Mohammad Lan Allani and Datuk Halim Rahman, both prominent figures in MARA.

To this, Tan Sri Anuar Musa, the chairman of MARA claimed that prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had approved the deal because it felt that the purchase would be a bargain.

True or not, when there is money from the government involved, it can carry a lot of consequences. If the reports are true, this type of daylight robbery must not go unpunished. The whole ‘MIDDLE-MAN’ mentality must stop. This is NOT the first time such cases has happened. Fingers will be pointing at all directions apart from those who are really involved! The problem is that, those who are supposed to say something will continue to stay silent while those who pocketed the money will most likely get away scot-free.

So, have you ever wondered, where is this money coming from?



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