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MIC – The Biggest MESS

By   /  June 17, 2015  /  16 Comments

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It was written in the stars after Datuk Seri G Palanivel became the president of MIC after Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu and now it becomes the biggest mess in Malaysian politics.

In the latest development, Datuk Seri S Subramaniam and Datuk Seri G Palanivel are on loggerheads as they are practically ‘sacking each other’ and their respective teams.

The gist of it – RoS has instructed MIC to hold re-elections for its top posts. Palanivel disagrees. Subramaniam agrees. So there we go!

5 December 2014 – The RoS (Registrar of Societies) declared that the 3 Vice-Presidents and 23 CWC Posts in MIC were illegal and the party must hold re-elections for the posts within 30 days.

5 January 2015 – The RoS gives MIC 120 days to sort out its issues and the deadline to hold re-elections was extended.

24 February 2015 – Palanivel, together with 3 others filed the application for judicial review of the RoS directive to hold re-elections and that the decision in November 2013 was valid.

16 June 2015 –Palanivel announces that Subramaniam and 13 others who organized the CWC meeting are suspended because it was ‘illegal’.

16 June 2015 –Subramaniam claims to be the acting president and with the backing of the Central Working Committee sacks Palanivel where he is no longer the president of MIC together with 4 others. According to Subramaniam, Palanivel lost his membership for dragging the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to court without first gaining the approval from MIC.

20 June – Palanivel continues his blaming game. He is now saying that the crisis that hit his party was Najib’s fault. He told a crowd in a special meeting with MIC leaders nationwide at the Putra World Trade Centre where he said that BN and the PM (referring to Najib) were involved in pressuring MIC to reject the results of the 2013 party election, one which he is adamant to uphold. Besides that, it was also BN and Najib that there are those who are with the detractors.

21 June – As an answer to Palanivel’s claims, Najib has retaliated and he said he will summon Palanivel for an explanation for his accusations. Najib wrote on his Facebook account that Palanivel should stop ‘fingering others’ over the troubles that MIC is facing. As such, he will be ‘summoning’ Palanivel to explain his comments. Looks like he has attracted everyone’s attention now.

25 June – The RoS has ‘noted’ and acknowledged that Palanivel is no longer the president of MIC. However, as he is holding the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, he is regarded as an independent MP and still a minister in the cabinet of Najib. This according to RoS is because the party’s constitution states that a member will lose the party membership if party matters are dragged to the court without prior approval from the central committee.

26 June – Palanivel told the media after chairing an Emergency CWC meeting that he is still very much an MIC member. Clearly still in denial, he said that he has no knowledge of anything because he did not receive any ‘official’ information from RoS. He said that such news were not confirmed and that he has submitted a letter to Najib to propose the party elections. So far, no news has yet returned from Najib’s office.






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