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PM – Either he keeps quiet or starts blaming others

By   /  June 12, 2015  /  5 Comments

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The 1MDB fiasco is reaching fever pitch and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is either nonchalant or just finger pointing.

It is either Najib is ignorant or just merely in denial. Enough has been said about the 1MDB problem. Of all the things that he could say or clarify, he went on to tell the world that he was NOT PAID for his role as the chairman of the 1MDB Advisory Board.

And then, he said that he had NO KNOWLEDGE of any money laundering in 1MDB as claimed by certain quarters. Now, what was THAT about? Why did he even bring that up? No one knows!

And he then proceeded to report that 1MDB has had 72 meetings in the last 5 years.

Of course, there is that finger-pointing episode where he blamed his former mentor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad saying that the he should is to blame for the current ‘mess’.

Najib claimed that Mahathir is speaking like an opposition politician.

But then, Mahathir has been at the helm for 22 years where he fended off opposition attacks from both his political rivals and some close to him, even in his cabinet. To act like an opposition (or being treated like one) now, doesn’t that tell you a lot?

Yeah, just go on keeping quiet and evading the attention, diverting to everyone else. It has been like this all this while. So, it is only status quo and what we get is the same as what we previously got. SILENCE!



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