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Regaining the people’s confidence! Do our leaders know what they are saying?

By   /  August 3, 2015  /  85 Comments

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The recent cabinet reshuffling saw a lot of uneasiness and unhappy people. With the appointment of Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as the new Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hopes to have a collective government that works together without any differences.

He called on all in his cabinet to work together to regain the people’s confidence. The phrase “REGAIN PEOPLE’S CONFIDENCE” is of essence here. In fact, this phrase has been used for years now. When Najib launched the 1Malaysia idea, he wanted to regain people’s confidence. When he was elected back into office with his new cabinet in 2013, he called on those elected to regain people’s confidence.

With so many projects and initiatives used to achieve this, why is it that the phrase keeps coming up? Maybe there are those in power who has yet to achieve this? Perhaps they are not sure what it means. To every Malaysia, confidence would mean:

  1. Transparent – Malaysians want a transparent government. The days when ‘the government knows best’ are passé now.
  2. Caring – Malaysians want a government who cares. Our leaders keep saying that they care but action speaks louder than words. Giving out BR1M is NOT caring!
  3. Clever – Malaysians want a government which is clever. At least not intelligently challenged like some of our ministers who say things without thinking
  4. Firm – Malaysian want a government that does not u-turn at every decision
  5. Fair – Malaysians want a fair government. One which everyone can be assured of.

Now that, will make Malaysians confident.




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