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RM 400m timber scandal hotter than NFC: PKR gives Najib 7 days to suspend Musa and Anifah

By   /  April 14, 2012  /  19 Comments

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RM 400 million timber land in Sabah awarded to the brother of Sabah CM
The pirating and plundering of state and our nation’s resources in
broad daylight by those we elected to power is a trademark of BN/UMNO
MBs, CMs and Cabinet Ministers.

From grabbing of state and NCR lands, rich timber in forest reserves ,
awarding of prime contracts to cronies and family members and
receiving kickbacks on public defence and infrastructure projects,
these are the common traits of those we elected to power.

This guy, Musa Aman, the current BN Chief Minister was portrayed by
the BN media as a Mr. Clean. Probably he had greased the palms of
those journalists to write “good” things about him or did he get the
FBC of UK to project his image like our PM did.

Anyway, lanuns are lanuns ( pirates are pirates ) and it runs in the
blood of BN/UMNO leaders.

From the dentist MB to the Peh Moh CM in Sarawak, former MBs in Johor
and even the number two in the country now, the CM of Pakistani
descent in Sabah and the clueless PM, they are all in for a dig in the
big pie.

Yes, we stupid Malaysians must be blamed for electing them into power
, Nope ? No, no no …for cheating themselves into power with the help
of National Registration Department and Elections Commission. How much
has gone down the drain ?

Hundreds of billions of ringgit over 55 years of BN rule , my dear
friends,  had been sucked out of the country’s sytem . Yet, we
Malaysians are all seeing the stealing right in front of our eyes.  Or
maybe some of us are mere lay bystanders ? Then we cannot complain,
can we ?

What had been revealed is only the tip of the iceberg – PKFZ ;
Perimekar in Scorpene scandal; purchase of armoured vehicles five
times market price; massive land grabbing and displacement of natives
in Sarawak and Sabah; cowgate for condominiums scandal ; thousand of
“white elephants” in the BN-ruled states; missing billions held in
trust by UMNO cronies sitting on the board in public-listed companies
( under guise of NEP ); compensating cronies who lost billions in
“piratised” companies like MAS, Renong, Konsortium Perkapalan Bhd;
losses in Forex and Maminco affair and what have you.

Where are we heading ? Surely down the abysmal path into bankruptcy.

Read further : RM 400m timber scandal hotter than NFC: PKR gives Najib
7 days to suspend Musa and Anifah



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